As Time Goes By (Old & Wise): Seven short documentaries, one collective film.

The MOMENT association is a group of documentary filmmakers based in Copenhagen (Denmark).

Our initial idea was to establish a small network across professional borders where people could inspire each other with their distinctively different approaches to
creative filmmaking. It soon developed into a documentary collective with the purpose of working for artistic freedom.

We are a non-profit association made up of seven directors from different cultural and educational backgrounds: Mehmet Özcelik, scriptwriter (National Film School
of Denmark); Suvi Andrea Helminen, documentary director (National Film School of Denmark); Yrsa Wedel, film editor (Danish Broadcasting Corporation DR-TV);
Kenneth Sorento, cameraman (Copenhagen Technical Academy); Per Liebeck, documentary director (Short & Documentary Film School); Ulrik Gutkin,
documentary director (Copenhagen University); and Marianne Leth, photographer (Danish School of Journalism). MOMENT is based in Copenhagen.

Our first collective film, As Time Goes by (Old & Wise) has generated an unusual degree of interest on the international broadcast market according to
DR-TV International Sales, and so far it’s been sold to YLE Finland. You can by the DVD (english subtitles) by mailing to

Read more about The MOMENT association in DOX Magazine July 2006.

We would like to establish contacts with other similar initiatives around the world. Please write to

The 7 short films:

"The Walker and the Red Cows"
By Yrsa Wedel

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Widower Hans Andersen 74 years old has lived his whole life on the same farm which was his birthplace. Hans lives all alone at the empty farm, which once was full of life. . With good help from his nearest neighbour Ole 70 years old, and other widow farmers life has got other values at old age. Friendship, helpfulness and social relations among the men are most important in their "men's club". They meet to mow the lawn with their lawn tractors or to a nice coffeetable with rhubarb cake. They help each other when the goat goes out on grass. Life is still beautifull.

"The Mirror"
By Mehmet Özcelik.

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"I've been broke, but I've never been poor. Poor - that is when you can't read a book or have a good time with your friends." A portrait of Arne Schlesch - a rare breed of lively aristocrat. .
""World, goodbye.
I'll be your slave no longer.
The burdens you have troubled
me with, I throw off and reject.
I tear myself lose.
Now vanity means nothing to me..."!

Danish poetry by Kingo, 1699
"A Glimpse of My Grandmother"
By Ulrik Gutkin.

The film is about the directors 90 years old grandmother. During a visit she presents him with her old poetry book, which she has kept for more than 70 years. She reads poems about growing old written by friends long gone. She also shows him her photo album and proudly presents him with a picture of herself in a bathing suit 19 years old on the beach. It’s a story about self presentation, memories and loneliness.

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"Kit Kruse's Dance"
af Suvi Andrea Helminen.

Kit Kruse is 77 years old, a gym teacher and formerly a ballet dancer. Her teaching philosophy has always been that if ones body feels secure ones mental state will improve.
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"Winter Swimming"
By Kenneth Sorento.

The sun reflects it’s light in the ice cold sea. A silhouette of an old woman runs over the snow to take her daily swim. “Regardless of the stations or the weather I need to smell the ocean, feel the wind, and sense the salt every single day”, says Else Høyby. For 76 years the sea has been an inseparable part of her life. A sensitive filmic portrait by Kenneth Sorento.
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"Denmark - This is Where I Will Die? "
By Per Liebeck.

This film is about becoming older in Denmark, when your birth place, memories, familiy and friends are thousands of miles away. A film about longing but also about the will to enjoy life. A film about making the decision to stay in the newfound home or to return to the homeland of the past. The film follows Carlito, a Chilean political refugee, who also is the oldest salsa DJ in Denmark, and Diana, an Argentinian immigrant, who is one of the first tango teachers in Denmark. Both of them have been in Denmark for about thirty years and now face the decision: Denmark, do I want to die here?

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"Live in the Moment"
By Marianne Leth.

Photographer: Miklos Szabo.
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Is it more difficult to accept wrinkles, when you have been a model and made a living on your looks? In the beautiful and poetic film Live in the Moment by Marianne Leth, Inge Levin talks about the magical journey, that is her life. It has lead her to love, into the moment and taught her, that “the body’s decay is the elevation of the spirit”. Majbritte Ulrikkeholm has composed the music.

As Time Goes By (Old & Wise) was financed by:

The MOMENT association.